Athena II
Intelsat 11  
32" x 44" oil (2015)  
Northrop Grumman  
The Intelsat 11 satellite manufactured for Intelsat carries a hybrid payload. Located
at an orbital slot at 43 degrees West Longitude, the satellite's C-band payload serves
the Continental United States (CONUS), Mexico and South America and the Ku-band payload serves the DirecTV Latin America downlink coverage area of Brazil. The Ku-band payload also has uplink capability from the CONUS, Mexico, Europe, and Northwest and Southeast South America.

Many of the Northrop Grumman paintings are available as high quality prints through Northrop Grumman. While not normally available to the general public, the prints are available to military units, aerospace organizations and industry representatives. Reproduced with permission of Northop Grumman. Unauthorized use of this image is strictly forbidden.